Toddler Program - Rise & Shine Kindergarten

Toddler Program

We know energetic toddlers need to stay busy and love taking on new challenges, which is why our Toddler Room has a range of activities they can enjoy throughout the day.

Our Toddler Program

We’ve carefully designed our program to stimulate and challenge toddlers, so they become more independent and develop important skills they’ll need later in life. Roleplaying and creative arts give children the opportunity for creative freedom and expression, while early literacy and numeracy experiences begin teaching new concepts to their growing minds. Having the opportunity to develop friendships and socialise with others is a big focus in this room. We help toddlers stay active, with lots of physical activity in our sports Fit program that challenges their motor skills and helps them form strong social relationships with other children.

Routine is an important part of helping children feel secure and gives them the confidence to try new things. Our educators maintain a regular routine in the Toddler Room, with a focus on encouraging self-help skills such as toilet training and self-feeding.

What We Offer